Press Release

10 Aug


On July 14th 2018, Danang Hotel Association organised the workshop “Danang Hotel Solutions 2018” at the National Assembly Lodge Danang, attended by more than 300 delegates including leaders of Danang Tourism Department, Danang Tourism Association, Sales & Marketing Managers and Purchasing Managers of 1-to-5-star hotels in Danang.


Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, Deputy Chairman for the steering committee of Danang Hotel Association, Deputy General Director of Furama Resort Danang and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang, Marketing Manager of Furama Resort, Furama Villas and Ariyana Convention Centre have shared practical solutions to some of the issues in the Business & Marketing sector in the tourism industry.


According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, Deputy Chairman for the steering committee of Danang Hotel Association: “The fast growth in lodging facilities together with the huge surge in the number of leisure and M.I.C.E travellers has required Danang to standardise its tourism services and develop towards a sustainable tourism industry.”


Danang Hotel Association wishes through this event the hotel owners and managers should fully recognise their properties’ investment and business effectiveness; be provided with latest hotel management products and services as well as utilise up-to-date technological and technical trends in the hotel market in order to modernise and differentiate in the management, operation and quality of customer service to meet the needs of both hotels and guests in the future.